Why Chef Pro?

You want to use Chef Pro products because you care about what you eat and you want to eat Fresh Foods with all its Nutrients, Flavors and Aroma.

We invest substantial amount of time, efforts and monies in research and development of Chef Pro products. We start the development of our products by first conducting surveys among people who cook at home and retailers who sell kitchen appliances and gadgets. We understand the need of the consumer. Our designers implement the needs of consumers in the process of designing and development of Chef Pro products. Chef Pro products and design ideas evolve from the feedback of the consumer surveys. We strive to make our products user friendly and make cooking chore actually effortless, convenient and fun.

Chef Pro Tortilla Maker is ideal for making fresh tortillas and great wraps with your choice of herbs and spices at home. This is also good for making gluten free wraps, great for those people who are gluten intolerant. Fresh made tortillas and wraps taste far better than store packed products.

Chef Pro Peppermills are especially good for those foodies, who want fresh ground pepper on their pastas, soups and sandwiches for its full flavor and aroma. Moreover, it is cheaper to buy the whole black pepper than the pepper powder, which has been packed a few months ago and lost most of its aroma and flavor.

Chef Pro Wet & Dry Grinder is ideal for grinding fresh spice rubs for barbecue, fresh coffee beans, Nuts,  and fresh herbs all year round, all very quickly, in a few seconds.

Chef Pro Cutlery, knives and peelers is made from high quality Japanese steel, works great and is inexpensive.

Chef Pro Super Chopper is fantastic for making Fresh Salsa, Hummus, Fresh Pesto sauce, mincing meats to make fresh burger patties, kebabs and meatballs, all very delicious and yummy.

Eris cookware is made from best raw materials using best manufacturing practices with precision providing consumer satisfaction. Cooking is not a chore, but enjoyable and fun experience with Eris cookware.