It all started on one sunny morning long time ago. Since then it has been a truly incredible journey. 

We have been Innovating, designing, developing, manufacturing, wholesaling and distributing unique appliances, tools and gadgets for every cook in their kitchen.  We market appliances, tools and gadgets under Chef Pro brand name and cookware under Eris brand name.

We are focused on providing innovation in design and functionality of modern kitchen appliances to suit the modern life style. Chef Pro appliances are energy efficient, high quality, time saving and convenient to use for ultimate cooking experience in every kitchen. Chef Pro & Eris products go thru stringent quality control standards, using best raw materials and best manufacturing practices.

We identify the need of unique appliances to ease the life in the kitchens around the globe. Our products marry the old world values of great home cooking with modern culinary aspirations, creating an inspiring line of small kitchen appliances, tool and gadgets. Chef Pro & Eris award winning products provide convenience, saves time and energy for the users, besides being, user friendly, stylish and modern in appearance. We are a leading provider of niche small appliances, now available in USA, Canada, South America, Middle East, India, New Zealand, Australia and growing.

If you are looking for niche unique small kitchen appliances, your search ends right here.

Mission statement:

"Develop niche products to inspire every cook to have fun and enjoy cooking, whipping up exotic meals, building healthy families and better lives".